Optical sensors work by converting light into an electronic signal. The sensor is attached to a measuring instrument and an electrical trigger. When light strikes the sensor, it trips the trigger, so a measurement is tak... More »

The AcuRite remote weather sensor is a solar-powered weather station that collects and digitizes weather information concerning temperature, wind speed, humidity, wind direction and rainfall. It then broadcasts the data ... More »

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Optical illusions work by using color, light, patterns and other variables to form pictures that deceive the brain. The eyes collect information that the brain attempts to understand, and the misleading information produ... More »

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Motions sensors work by implementing one of two types of systems to detect motion. These systems are called passive sensors and active sensors. Passive sensors examine the area around the device to determine activity. Ac... More »

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According to Coulton.com, a differential pressure transmitter works by sensing the difference between two different ports and then producing a signal that corresponds to a certain range of calibrated pressures. Usually t... More »

The fuel level sensor sends a varying signal to the fuel gauge or electronic gadget that triggers the fuel gauge. The components of the sensor, such as float, rod and resistor, work together to give a reading on the leve... More »

Upstream oxygen sensors monitor the fuel-to-air mixture in the exhaust gases of a vehicle prior to the catalytic converter and send a signal to the vehicle's onboard computer to adjust the mixture if it is too lean or to... More »

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