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The question here is, what do mollusks eat? Well, depending upon the species and taking their habitat into consideration, they can be plant-eaters, meat-eaters, and even omnivorous. This AnimalSake post elaborates more on the mollusks species and their diet.


HOW DO MOLLUSKS FEED? Most mollusks have a rasping tongue called a radula, armed with tiny teeth. This scrapes tiny plants and animals off rocks or tears food into chunks. Bivalves, such as oysters and mussels, filter food particles from the water with their gills.


How do mollusks feed? The majority of mollusks use a radula, which is actually a rasping tongue with tiny teeth. They use the radula to scrape tiny animals or plants off rocks. They also use it to ...


Mollusks are classified as herbivores, omnivores and carnivores, and their diets depend largely on the species and availability of food in a particular location. Some mollusks consume only algae and ocean plant matter, while others may eat shellfish and even small fish.


What Do Mollusks Eat? Current Category: Mollusks.. The invertebrate phylum Mollusca is huge, comprising around 85,000 known species of mollusks (or molluscs for British English).This phylum is the largest marine phylum and makes up around 23 percent of the named marine animals.


Mollusks eat all kinds of things. The cephalopods (octopii, squids, and their allies) are predators of fish and other marine life. Most bivalves are pretty much herbivorous, feeding primarily on ...


Mollusca is the second largest phylum of invertebrate animals. The members are known as molluscs or mollusks (/ ˈ m ɒ l ə s k /).Around 85,000 extant species of molluscs are recognized. The number of fossil species is estimated between 60,000 and 100,000 additional species. Molluscs are the largest marine phylum, comprising about 23% of all the named marine organisms.


Okay right now I'm in school. Science to be exact. And we're searching about different things. Right now I'm stuck on "How do Mollusks Feed? I keep on trying to type it in at google.com but all I get is What they eat! So plz plz plz plz tell me I need this for schol Thanks!


Most mollusks are herbivores, carnivores, or filter feeders though there are some species that are detritus feeders or are parasitic. Many mollusks (ie. snails and slugs) feed through a tongue shaped structure called a radula. A radula is a layer of flexible skin with hundreds of tiny teeth making it appear like sandpaper.


Mollusks eat many types of foods depending on their species. Many mollusks that have their body between two shells are herbivores, they mainly feed on algae. Squids and octopuses are predators and feed on fish and other sea creatures. The mollusk snails are mixed with herbivores and carnivores.