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Airbag sensors are actually small electronic pieces that sense when an accident has taken place. They are designed to respond to circumstances such as increased pressure resulting from a collision and sudden stopping. Airbag sensors can be used to detect how many people are in the vehicle and measure wheel speed, impact and brake pressure.


Shock and impact sensors are used to detect and record shock or impact to a product or package. Shock sensors represent a subtype of inertial sensors, which includes accelerometers and vibration sensors.In fact, accelerometers can be and often are designed to measure shock as well as proper acceleration.


In the most usual cases, sensors transform some property of the real world, such as temperature, mass, speed, pressure, etc to some electrical signal that we can measure. The signal becomes a representation of the property. Commonly, a voltage rep...


Mechanical sensors work independent of the electrical system and respond similarly to the electrical sensors, with a design that actuates a firing pin triggering a small explosion after a crash. Since a mechanical sensor does not require a power source, it cannot be deactivated like an electrical sensor can when the battery is disconnected.


How do Motion Sensors Work? One of the most popular sensors used in a range of day-to-day appliances today, is the motion sensor. Also referred to as motion detectors, motion sensors are most often used in commercial establishments and home security systems.


How do Car Sensors Work? After seeing the history of car sensors, the different types of car sensors and the wonderful things they can do for you, we’re sure you are curious to know how it works. Well, here is a broad overview of its working.


But how do these companies incorporate EEG technology into these products to begin with? Just as a traditional EEG cap places electrodes all across the skull, headbands like InteraXon’s Muse Brain Sensing Headband work by placing sensors along the forehead and behind the ears.


Homemade motion sensors can work, but they can also be unreliable. Other Motion Sensor Features. Wireless Motion Sensors: Today, most motion sensors are wireless. Wireless sensors are very easy to set up. They do not require drilling, and they communicate with the other security system components wirelessly.


The purpose of heat sensors is to tell how hot or cold something is, but this is not a good description for how they work. What the sensors are actually measuring is the amount of atomic activity inside an object. This is what we think of as an object's temperature.