Unblocking a user on Tagged is as simple as going to your account and changing some privacy settings. You can block or unblock anyone at any time. More »

There are many ways to gain access to a blocked website, including loading the cached version of the blocked webpage, entering the IP address instead of the URL into the browser's search bar or using one of many proxy we... More »

You can unblock a blocked user at any time on Tagged. On the Blocked Users list, hover the mouse cursor over the Account label at the top right corner of the Navigation bar. Click the Settings option, and select the Priv... More »

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To delete a Google Plus profile, the user should sign into his account, click the Data Tools tab in the account settings page and click the link that states "Delete Google+ profile and features." This is confirmed by che... More »

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The three ways to enable cookies in the Firefox web browser involve setting custom privacy settings. Firefox automatically enables cookies for all websites upon initial use. More »

Personal CaringBridge websites include privacy settings that limit the amount of people who can view them. As of 2015, there are three settings for a personal CaringBridge website that can set the page to be viewable onl... More »

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A privacy report icon may appear on a computer screen when the privacy settings of the computer do not match the policy of the website being visited. The user can read the privacy report to gain information on the site's... More »

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