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Over time your hard drive will become fragmented, slow down and become vulnerable to viruses. Rather than reformatting your drives and restoring all your programs individually, you can reset the entire computer back to its factory settings with the F11 key. This is a universal Windows restore key and the procedure works on all PC systems.


can anyone tell me how to resore my computer back to the way it was when i bought it over a year ago,dont care about any files pictures or anything, just want everything gone. please help i have tried resore points but earliest one is 11/08/09, i have windows vista, not sure about computer make ect, says chimei on screen, and zoostorm on tower.


Best Answer: Yup its called reformatting, by doing this you will remove all your files and restore the computer back to its factory settings basically. To do this you need a copy of the original windows xp cd, put it in the cd drive and follow the on screen instructions on how to install it.


Reset This PC: A Complete Walkthrough This is the easiest way to reinstall Windows without a disc ... resetting the whole PC will have the following effect: ... If you're resetting a tablet, laptop, or some other battery-powered device, make sure it's plugged in during the Reset This PC process. If your computer were to lose power, interrupting ...


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If this sounds familiar, you found the right article as we will cover everything needed in order to reset your HP laptop back to factory settings. Why Would I Want to Reset My HP Laptop? If you need to give your HP laptop a new start, resetting it back to factory condition is a fast and easy solution.


The operating system provides a number of options that let you restore your computer to an earlier state. Here's how to reset your PC in Windows 10. How to Reset Your Windows 10 PC.


HP Notebook PCs - How to Power Reset your Laptop This document applies to HP laptop computers. A power reset (or hard restart) clears all information from the computer's memory without erasing any personal data.


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