Printing from an iPhone can be done in several ways and these include using the AirPrint feature designed by Apple Inc. for iDevices. AirPrint is an embedded feature in the OS X and iOS platforms that enables iDevices to... More » Technology Mobile

To print from an iPhone 4S, connect an Airprint-enabled printer to your wireless network, open the app, image or page that you want to print, tap the Share or Settings icon, and tap the Printer icon or the word Print. Se... More » Technology Mobile

A iPhone 5 user can print from his phone if the color printer is AirPrint-enabled and both the printer and iPhone are connected to Wi-Fi. As of 2015, most major printer brands are AirPrint-enabled. More » Technology Mobile

An iPhone is a smartphone device produced by Apple Inc. The latest version of the iPhone, as of April 2015, comes in two versions, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Apple iPhone devices run on Apple's proprietary iOS mobil... More » Technology Mobile

The iPhone is a type of smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc. A smartphone is a type of device that combines a cell phone and personal digital assistant, as stated by OpposingViews. More » Technology Mobile

There are several ways to restore deleted contacts on an iPhone, including the use of the backup functionality provided by iTunes, syncing the list of contacts with the data stored on the iCloud and manually importing th... More » Technology Mobile

You must contact your carrier to unlock an iPhone. Phones are only eligible for unlocking after the contract period is over. An unlocked phone works with any carrier you choose, while a locked phone only works with the c... More » Technology Mobile