Use a quick two-key shortcut on a keyboard to duplicate highlighted text or a picture within a document, or to move the content from one document to another. Highlight the content, then use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys to ... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

To print a screenshot, you have to save it as an image and then export it in a format that can be printed at the appropriate size. Screenshots are limited-function copy/paste commands in older versions of Windows, but ne... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Use the Print Screen key to capture an image of whatever is currently displayed on the computer screen with a single keystroke. You may then use the Paste function to place the captured window image onto projects such as... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Printers

To copy using the keyboard, highlight the text you want to copy, and press Ctrl+C. Place the cursor where you want to paste the text, and press Ctrl+V to paste. More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

Default settings allow you to paste text or images using your keyboard by pressing the Ctrl key and the V key at the same time with the desired text field selected. Alternatively, the Shift key and Insert works on most s... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

Caret browsing, sometimes called caret navigation, is a way of moving through a page with only a keyboard, with the point of selection being the blinking text cursor, called the caret. Traditionally seen in word processi... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard

A Kanji keyboard is a type of keyboard that lets a user type a document using Japanese Kanji characters. A user either types with a virtual Kanji keyboard or installs the keyboard software in his computer. Kanji keyboard... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Keyboard