While performance chips can increase an engine's power in certain conditions, drivers should not expect drastic changes. Some chips override manufacturer settings designed to increase the life and efficiency of a car's e... More »

An f5 load balancer improves server performance by splitting incoming requests from users between two or more servers. This reduces the load on each server and increases the number of users that can be served and the rel... More »

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Putting mothballs in the gas tank does not improve a car's performance. That was not always the case, though. Gasoline used to have such a low octane rating that adding napthalene, which was the active ingredient in old ... More »

The common problems associated with GForce performance chips include, reduction in mileage, engine malfunctions and interference with the car's built-in computer. While it is designed to improve the performance of the en... More »

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Some car parts that increase performance include superchargers, cold air intake kits, aftermarket air filters and performance chips. In an ideal scenario, a bolt-on supercharger increases the horsepower of a car by appro... More »

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Exhaust resonators are used to create smoother driving conditions, reduce noise from the engine exhaust and enhance engine performance. Exhaust resonators are add-on features within the exhaust system. The resonators are... More »

Superchargers, nitrous kits, blow-off valves, voltage stabilizers and performance chips are examples of performance parts available for the Mazda B2200. Performance chips, such as the Oxygen Sensor POWER Performance CHIP... More »

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