Ways to improve handwriting include practicing proper letter formations, holding the pencil correctly, using good posture and focusing on problem areas. Copying neat handwriting also helps with improved letter formation. More »

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One way to improve memory is to exercise, according to Discovery. Exercise allows greater blood flow and oxygen to the brain, improving memory. Another way to boost memory is to reduce stress factors. Seeking treatment f... More »

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A routine of jumping push-ups, speed skipping, shuffle side reaches, kettlebell swings and dumbbell punches done for one minute each helps improve reflexes. One minute of rest should be allowed before beginning each exer... More »

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Some practice tips to improve handwriting include using comfortable materials, stretching your fingers, developing good posture and practicing slowly. Using these tips in combination with frequent practice can help produ... More »

To achieve great handwriting, choose the correct materials, relax your hand, write more slowly, grip the pen or pencil correctly, and spend time practicing correct letter formation. You will need lined paper, a pen or pe... More »

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To write an effective complaint letter, describe the problem clearly, include key dates, and specify the time frame for getting a response. Include your name, address, and contact email or phone. Be friendly but authorit... More »

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Motivational letters or letters of encouragement are designed to stimulate the reader to take action to fix a specific problem outlined in the letter. These letters are frequently part of an effort to raise funds or recr... More »