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When writing about yourself, choose topics that are relevant to the main topic in which you speak about yourself. When possible, choose topics that you are generally comfortable explaining to other people.


Narrowing down three words to describe a person can be difficult. However, according to Syracuse University Career Services, it is best to use positive adjectives that can be backed up with specific examples.


Being able to identify a fish relies on several factors, such as the body size, shape, and pattern, certain characteristics, where it's been found, and various others. There are many tools online to help identify fish.


Botanists identify plants according to key characteristics such as the area in which the plant is growing, the shape of the plant's leaves, the type of bark or lack of bark and the presence or lack of fruit and flowers. Plants are generally divided into six major groups: woodland, aquatic, grass-lik


While many women spend much of their lives trying to look younger, the reverse situation also occurs. Sometimes young women want to look older so as to be taken more seriously. Makeup can be judiciously applied to create an older look.


According to Trisha Torrey for About.com, pills can be identified by their shape, pattern, color and text imprint. Websites such as RxList.com and Drugs.com offer online pill identification tools where users enter the description of the pill and the website returns the best matching results.


Birds can be identified by both sight and sound. Identification based on sound largely involves memorization, while learning a few important field marks makes visual identification much easier. Field marks are distinctive colors, patterns or markings that help in identification.


Some love spells that can be done on oneself are the ribbon attraction, love light, simple love charm, Aphrodite love charm and the Aradia love spell. Each love spell is used on the person casting the spell to increase the user's allure.


Simple tests that can be performed at home to identify real gold include checking for markings and magnetic attraction, testing for heaviness and observing nitric acid reactions. Additionally, scratching gold against pottery and examining for signs of gold plating is another method to identify gold.


Taxpayers may list qualifying children or relatives as dependents, but aren't permitted to claim themselves as dependents, according to the Internal Revenue Service. However, many taxpayers qualify to claim one personal exemption, resulting in a maximum deduction of $3,900, as of 2014.