To do highlights, perform a strand test, mix the highlighting solution, apply it with a toothbrush, rinse, shampoo and condition the hair; then apply a glaze, rinse the glaze out and style the hair. This one-hour process... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

In hair coloring, partial highlights are lightened streaks of hair applied anywhere, but covering less than half of the head. "Framing" is a type of partial highlighting; streaks are lightened around only the front in or... More »

Highlights are added to the face with a blend of highlighting and contouring powder placed in strategic spots on the face. The same effect can also be created with foundation makeup in two different shades. More »

To lighten your hair from black to light brown, apply a shampoo cap to all the hair, process it, rinse and condition the hair, and tone the underlying red tones. Lightening hair takes roughly 2 hours and requires hair bl... More »

The best way to darken blond hair is to apply lots of lowlights, and then treat all of your hair with a transparent color rinse or glaze. This two-hour procedure requires a hairbrush, a wide-toothed comb, a low-lighting ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hair Color

A few ways to remove semi-permanent hair dye quickly is to shampoo the hair a few times with a strong shampoo, rinse with plenty of hot water or use a color remover product designed for semi-permanent hair dye. Shampooin... More »

An easy way to remove red tones from brown hair is to use a blue shampoo and a color-depositing ash rinse. This 30-minute procedure requires a hairbrush, blue shampoo, color-depositing ash rinse, a shower cap, latex glov... More »