In order to delete an AOL email address, the AOL customer must cancel his account. Once an AOL account is cancelled, user names and email addresses associated with the account are inaccessible. Customers who choose to re... More »

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To delete your Gmail account, go to Google Account Settings, open the Data tools page, go to Delete products, click Remove Gmail permanently, then provide your current password and new primary email address. This process... More »

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To block emails on AOL, add email addresses to your list of blocked emails. Click the Options, then Mail Settings. Click Spam Settings, then Block mail from addresses I specify. Type the email address into the text box p... More »

The quickest way to make AOL the home page in a web browser is to go to and click on the link on the right hand side titled "Make AOL my home page." There are options to add AOL to a browser, as well as detailed ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

AOL offers a white pages service that allows users to look up phone numbers at no cost. It is a nationwide directory, and the site offers reverse-lookups as well. With this service, customers have the ability to identify... More » Technology Internet & Networking