While the device is off, wipe the screen gently with a soft microfiber cloth or a dry eraser. Avoid pressing on the screen, as that may burn out pixels. Remove stubborn spots using a cloth dampened with one part white vi... More »

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With the computer unplugged and turned off, wipe the computer screen gently with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean the surface. Use a solution of one part distilled water and one part white vinegar to mois... More »

It's best to start with the most gentle method for cleaning the monitor and progress to other methods if necessary. Start by gently dusting the monitor, using a can of compressed air, and avoid contacting the screen if p... More »

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To install a screen protector for your Android device, clean the screen with a microfiber cloth. Peel the screen protector side labeled with a number one, and carefully stick it to the screen. Remove bubbles flattening t... More »

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To turn your computer screen right side up, press CTRL, ALT and the Up Arrow key. You can rotate the screen in multiple directions by pressing one of the arrow keys while holding down CTRL and ALT. More »

A screen shot is the action of capturing an image from the screen of a computer monitor or another electronic device to a static image file. It is a way to take a picture of an image from a monitor or screen. More »

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Depending on what type of computer you have, there are several ways to brighten or dim your computer screen. On both Windows and Mac computers there are usually brightness controls located in the row of keys near the top... More »