Although there are great regional variations in traditional German dress, there are also certain consistencies between men and women's garb that can be identified. For women, there is the bodice called the dirndl. For me... More » World View Social Sciences Cultures & Traditions

The traditional dress for German men include the leather trousers known as lederhosen; Bavarian womens' traditional dress is the dirndl, a full-bodied skirt with an apron, blouse and bodice. The more modern variations of... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

Though they tend towards more conservative attire, Germans dress in a manner that is broadly similar to how Americans dress. Traditional German attire like lederhosen is typically only worn for formal occasions and folk ... More » Beauty & Fashion Clothing

The traditional garb of the "pygmy" tribes is a plant-based clothing crafted from the leaves and bark of trees found in the African rain forest. In the native language this clothing is called "mulumba" and it is habitual... More »

Traditional clothing for women of Sri Lanka is a sari or variations of a sari depending on the woman's age and the occasion, whereas the men's traditional garb is a sarong. Both the sari and sarong can be worn in a varie... More »

Traditional Argentine garb include gaucho clothes for males and brightly colored embellished dresses for women. Of all the traditional costumes of Argentina, gaucho clothes are the most well known. In contemporary Argent... More »

Casual dress is typically more informal types of attire for men and women that is worn outside of office or formal settings. Casual dress may be more comfortable than business or professional attire. More »