What ia a fossil? in the learning zone. ... Fossils give us information about how animals and plants lived in the past. Once people began ... How do fossils form?

Apr 24, 2018 ... Fossils help researchers learn about plants and animals that existed long ago, ... How Do Earthquakes Positively Affect the Environment?

Mar 13, 2018 ... Fossil remains can give us insight into how prehistoric plants and animals obtained food, reproduced and ... Why Do Scientists Study Fossils?

Oct 8, 2015 ... Fossils help scientists build a picture of the past—and present ... relative abundance, could counts of individuals and species reveal something more significant about ... “Fossils don't just tell us about extinct life,” Pyenson said.

Fossils tell us when organisms lived, as well as provide evidence for the .... As a result, it would be rare for any of the antelope's remains to actually be preserved  ...

Fossils - done as part of a class project in UCB. ... Whereas trace fossils are the indirect signs of life that give evidence of the .... What do fossils tell us?

What Do Fossils Tell Us? Paleontologist. Rock layers can tell us Earth's history because they preserve past events. Fossils help scientists determine the age of ...

Aug 14, 1997 ... (2) Most fossils are the remains of extinct organisms; that is, they belong to ... How do scientists explain the changes in life forms, which are obvious in ... Darwin and Alfred Wallace proposed that older species of life give rise to younger ones. ... Application of theory allows us to develop new plants that resist  ...

Nov 26, 2017 ... Fossils are a record of living things preserved in rock layers, ... The fossil evidence must be interpreted to give meaning to the evidence.

Fossils can tell us all about living things in the past and how they have changed over time. Find out more in this Bitesize Primary KS2 Science guide.