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Your question is very insenstive. What can elephants do for us? How about what can we do for them? As a start we can stop killing them. An I don’t mean stop killing them for ivory, but in the name of science. Here’s an TED article telling how 40,0...


They are well cared for though with days off in between to help them cope. Females don’t have to work once they are pregnant and there is always plenty of food for these animals. They have the job of moving heavy logs and other items in areas where there isn’t machinery to do it. For the most part elephants react very well to humans.


Elephants are the largest land mammals in the world. Their only predators are humans. Elephants are gentle animals unless the need to protect themselves forces them not to be. Unfortunately, the acts of humans have taken a toll on these intelligent and social animals. Over the years, poaching for ivory, capturing for ...


Best Answer: First of all elephants can surge your body with a flow of "fluids" coming from their mighty trunks that can heal all mental illnesses except the ones that affect people. Secondly the tusk of the elephant can be used in many different ways. Such as toilet bowl scrubbers and shampoo. You're welcome


The elephants who populate this book demonstrate remarkable problem-solving abilities and physical dexterity, but also what Shell calls “strange behaviors”—intense aggression, attempting to join wild herds, and gravedigging, for example—that result from straddling the human and elephant worlds.


In Africa, many people are working to help their local populations of elephants, doing things such as tracking by the use of radio collars, and employing trackers to keep an eye on what the ...


As Save The Elephants works towards building a tolerant relationship between man and elephants, our Elephant Scholarship Programme is furthering this mission by providing students with an opportunity to change their lives. Since its inception almost 18 years ago, the programme has grown from strength to strength and recently celebrated its highest number of scholars (16) for its 2018 intake.


One might ponder: How the African elephant is important to its ecosystem. Or even ask: Are African elephants essential to humans? The African Elephant’s Status. The African elephant’s current conservation status is vulnerable. The key concerns of the decline of African elephant populations are habitat loss and poaching.


How do elephants help humans? They help us because there poo produces methan gas. share: What are animals that help humans? elephants,camels,dogs,rats,and worms. share: Do African elephants hunt?


6 ways to help elephants With the elephant poaching epidemic running rampant, experts fear for the future of these majestic mammals. Melissa Breyer November 8, 2016, 12:22 p.m.