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When hunting, the tiger will conceal itself in bushes or long grasses close to their intended preys rear or side. They will gradually, silently sneak forward; stalking the animal, which is unaware of the hunters proximity.


Sidebar Nav Tigers' Hunting Habits. Tigers hunt for prey, which even include fearsome predators such as crocodiles, leopards and pythons. When fighting a crocodile, they go for the eyes using their paws.


Tigers hunt alone rather than in groups. When the tiger cubs are a few months old, the tiger mother involves them in the hunting process, so they get trained at a very younger age. They get proteins from the animal fat. Here are some tiger facts and information on hunting. Tigers rely on their sight rather than the smell of the prey.


Bengal Tigers are apex predators and usually hunt large animals to fulfill its hunger. We have gathered complete information on “ What do Bengal Tigers Eat ” and list down all the animals that are part of Bengal Tiger Diet. Furthermore, we have written down the dietary requirement of a Bengal Tiger and how the animals they hunt fulfill them.


Tigers are pure carnivores. They prefer hunting large ungulates such as chital, sambar, gaur, and to a small extent also barasingha, water buffalo, nilgai, serow and takin.


* Bengal tigers usually prefer to hunt at night. When they find their prey they crawl and creep close towards it to attack. * With their incredible strength they attack the victim from the side or behind and grasp the throat of the prey to cut do...


Bengal tigers will hunt many kinds of prey, but buffalo, deer, antelope and wild hog are preferred.


Tiger hunting is the capture and killing of tigers. Humans are the tigers' most significant predator, and illegal poaching is a major threat to the tigers. The Bengal tiger is the most common subspecies of tiger, constituting approximately 80% of the entire tiger population, and is found in Bangladesh, ...


The tiger has numerous actual physical diversification's that facilitate it's technique of searching and here is the list of how do tigers hunt their prey. Speed and velocity: A healthy tiger can run around 35 miles per hour but can reach a speed of up to 50 miles per hour.