Baby bats are called pups and they acquire their nutrition by feeding on the milk of the mother. Baby bats nurse from the time they are born up to about six months of age. More »

Female bats take care of their young at birth by holding them in a membrane pouch and nursing them. For some time after birth they may carry their tiny babies with them as they feed, but the mothers later leave them at t... More »

To get rid of bats in your attic, first inspect for bats and observe their activity, and then seal all but one or two main entrances. Make these one-way entrances. When all bats leave, seal the main entrances. This shoul... More » Home & Garden Pest Control Furry Pests

Adult vampire bats eat only blood, while young vampire bats feed on their mothers' milk until they are three months old before then switching to a blood diet. The common vampire bat mainly eats blood from large domestic ... More »

Baby mice drink milk that is produced by their mother until they are old enough to start eating solid food. As they become old enough to digest solid food, they start to eat bread, wheat and corn. If it is a wild baby mo... More »

A group of bats is a colony and the offspring are pups. Despite a reputation for carrying rabies, bats are extremely beneficial because they control night-flying insect populations, including moths, beetles, termites, fl... More »

Several types of animals eat bats as part of their diet, including owls, hawks, snakes and spiders. Although bats have many predators, there are only a couple that use bats as their only food source. More »