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Outer Space: When we think about how astronauts are spending their time up there, we usually don’t consider what they do in their ‘free time’ or for fun. But everyone needs a little break, even when travelling in space. So, what do astronauts do to make the time pass in a distant world without gravity? Let’s find out.


Astronauts like to have fun, too. If you're going to work on the space shuttle for a week or two, it is certainly okay to look out the window, play with your food or tease your crewmates once in awhile. If you're staying on the International Space Station for a few months, fun is an essential ingredient to the quality of life.


It seems like a ton of fun up there. Astronauts celebrate holidays together, eat food as it floats in the air, and enjoy the cosmic views. ... so they deserve to have a little fun once they leave ...


We have come a long way though, with our opportunities limitless in the future. Outside of the 500 Astronauts who have travelled to space, just above the Earth, there are about 25 Astronauts that have travelled just that little bit further and have orbited the moon, and only about half of them have touched down on a completely different world ...


What do astronauts do in space for fun? they do bubble up their drinking water in the weightlessness of space, within the shuttle, but they keep close watch that it wont go elsewhere that would ...


The astronauts surely had fun trying to suck them up! Another issue is preventing the food from floating away while eating. Astronauts can’t just set their food on the table while they eat because it won’t stay in place. So they either have to hold on to it or use velcro or magnets to hold it down.


Astronauts need play time, too! They work long hours on the Space Shuttle and the Space Station. Astronauts can have fun in space. In space everything floats. The crew can do things they cannot do on Earth. Some play cards upside down. Others glide around the Space Station like Superman.


But it's a little different in space. In space there is no up or down, and you do not feel the pull of gravity. As a result, astronauts are weightless and can sleep anywhere. Astronauts can attach themselves to a wall, a seat or a bunk bed inside the crew cabin so they don't float around and bump into something.