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The monarchy of the United Kingdom, commonly referred to as the British monarchy, is the constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom, its dependencies (the Bailiwick of Guernsey, the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Man) and its overseas territories. The current monarch and head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who ascended the throne in 1952.


How The English Monarchy Began. Guest Posts ... The final stage in the foundation of England’s Monarchy as we know it today was the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 when William the Conqueror ...


Monarchy is very very very old. The first empire was founded (maybe) by Sargon of Akkad. This was over 4000 years ago, and Sargon was by no means the first king.


Monarchy is a form of government when the throne is inherited orforced upon one person, who is set apart from all of his subjects. There are 2 types of monarchy: Absolute and Constitutional.


The monarchy of Spain (Spanish: Monarquía Española), constitutionally referred to as The Crown (Spanish: La Corona), is a constitutional institution and historic office of Spain. The monarchy comprises the reigning monarch, his or her family, and the royal household organization which supports and facilitates the monarch in the exercise of his duties and prerogatives.


How Did the Royal Family Start? The current Royal Family, the House of Windsor, originated in 1917 when King George V proclaimed the last name of the family to be Windsor. However, the roots of the English monarchy trace back to the eighth and ninth centuries.


How did the Royal Family start? Strange history of the royals revealed THE ROYAL FAMILY has had a long and bloody history in Britain. The current monarchy consists of Queen Elizabeth II and her ...


Best Answer: It's been said that the first king was a soldier who got lucky! Tribal groups can have leaders, or groups of leaders, but the notion of kingship, i.e., the idea that one person (usually a man) can be set above others by virtue of war, birth, or the favour of the gods seems to have had its earliest manifestation in ancient Mesopotamia, where the idea of the city first took root.


In Revolutionary France, the Legislative Assembly votes to abolish the monarchy and establish the First Republic. The measure came one year after King Louis XVI reluctantly approved a new ...


I know this! Finally AP Euro is going to be useful. OK so in the Middle Ages, you had lords and their vassals, where the lord had la nd and gave it to vassals. The serfs on the very bottom who enslaved to the land. There was a king on the very top...