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There are many theories related to why the Anasazi disappeared, but there is no solid evidence that gives one specific reason. It was previously suspected that the drought in the late 1200s drove them from their longtime homes, but more discoveries have shown that this would not have been enough on its own to drive them out.


The Anasazi did not disappear they moved to become the ModernPueblo people. That happened between around 1200-1300 as a verylong drought and change in rain fall patterns took place.


The term "Anasazi" was established in archaeological terminology through the Pecos Classification system in 1927. It had been adopted from the Navajo. Archaeologist Linda Cordell discussed the word's etymology and use: The name "Anasazi" has come to mean "ancient people," although the word itself is Navajo, meaning "enemy


Where did the Anasazi live? - 2234521 The Anasazi lived in the Four Corners country of southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, and northern Arizona.They lived from AD 200 to AD 1300.


Riddles of the Anasazi ... all of whom probably died violently. ... University of Colorado biochemist Richard Marlar and his team did just that. At an Anasazi site in southwestern Colorado called ...


Did the anasazi Indians die? It is commonly believed that they evolved into the current day Pueblo peoples, such as the Hopi of the Southwest. share with friends. Share to:


The Anasazi, or ancient ones, who once inhabited southwest Colorado and west-central New Mexico did not mysteriously disappear, said University of Denver professor Dean Saitta at Tuesday's Fort ...


Formally, the Mayans did not disappear; they evolved through migration and assimilated. This reasoning could also be applied to the Anasazi. Some of the theories are that over population might have caused the Mayan people to move because there was not be enough food for everyone.


Anasazi did more than build magnificant dwellings, they also participated in trade and commerce. This independent website examines the commercial interests of the Anasazi who used turquoise, a beautiful green/blue stone, as currency and traded it to the Toltecs, hundreds of miles away. Report broken link


Native American Culture. ... Anasazi Houses. 1. pit houses 2. Mesa Verda, cliff houses 3. Pueblos, made of adobe. Why did the Anasazi die out? It is believed because of drought, disease, or raids from neighboring tribes. Two moundbuilders. Hopewell, Mississippian. Why did the Mississippian build mounds? religious ceremonies. What did the ...