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Just who are these people called "royalty"? What do they do, why do we have them, and how did they become royalty in the first place? In this article, we'll learn about the origins of royal families, find out what their functions are both today and in the past, and dig through their dirty laundry to find some of the most shocking royal scandals in history.


The concept of royalty is centuries ­old. It originated with the feudal systems of medieval Europe.Under feudalism, there were a few very powerful landowners who acquired large amounts of territory through military force or purchase.These landowners became high-ranking lords, and one of them was crowned king.


you confuse royalty with social standing. Royalty is what comes after the ancient wars ended, the ruler who won was the king, emperor, ruler that is where the modern concept of Royalty came from. The present Royal family of England was born into it. If you want something more academic try typing "British Royal Family" into the search engine.


Royalty already secured their 'position of power' in many ways for the past centuries, and if you were to really understand how all of that works, then you really wouldn't even want to become King/Queen, you would know it's dirty business. I can advise you to better focus on your OWN LIFE, making THAT a GREAT LIFE.


Wittstock also became Princess of Monaco when she married Grace Kelly’s son, Prince Albert II, in 2011. Before becoming royalty, the South African native was an Olympic swimmer. Getty


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Marry In. This option was previously only available to royalty from other nations, but as the British monarchy has become less political and more ceremonial, marrying into it has become the most ...


Society & Culture Royalty. Next . How did the British royal family become royal? 1 following . 8 answers 8. ... Then Henry IV became king he was the grandson of Edward III, the House of Lancaster was started. The house of York's first king was Edward IV the last was Richard III. ... How Did the British Royal Family become German?


Whatever your background, a link to royalty might be lurking somewhere in your family's past. Stephen Thomas shows you how to investigate. Would you like to find out if you, like Boris Johnson, are descended from an illegitimate line of royalty? The power of the mathematics of genealogy is vastly ...


Sometimes a royal family conquers another kingdom or empire, and inherits their titles (that's how the Ottomans became Emperors, for example--they conquered Byzantium). Sometimes they just are victorious enough in politics battle that they become ruler, and thereafter King (Zog in Albania, Serbia in the 19th century through a more circuitous ...