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I'm talking about like "Pirates of the Carribean"-type pirates which we saw in the last couple of movies. The age of cannons, pirate ships, and buckaneers. I know this next question is a long shot, but if not, how did the age of piracy evolve? *What* did it evolve into today? ... When did the Pirate Age start? And when did it officially end?


Some pirates were crewmen on board naval or merchant vessels who took over by mutiny: George Lowther and Henry Avery were two well-known pirate captains who did so. Most pirates simply traded ships when they captured one that was more seaworthy than the one they had been using.


If the pirates were lucky, this meal was served with pickled onions, hard-boiled eggs, grapes or olives. Unfortunately, this was another dish that was only available during the start of a voyage, when supplies were still plentiful. The hard tack that pirates kept on their ships did not spoil for long periods of time.


When did the Pirates start playing the the New York Yankees? Well they are actually playing right this minute and the pirates are loosing 0-3! share: How do you start a story about pirates?


Pirates did not tend to stay pirates permanently. It seems to have been relatively easy both to join and leave a pirate band, and these raiding groups were more interested in maintaining a willing force. Members of these pirate groups did not tend to stay longer than a few months or years at a time.


When Did Pirates Exist? Although pirates have existed throughout history and still exist, the golden age of the pirate traditionally depicted in media was from 1620 to 1720. According to the Royal Naval Museum, pirates abounded during this era because of the vast wealth being transported from the New World.


The pirates did not want things to end up the same way as on a navy ship. The Return of the Pirate Round, c. 1719-1722. Between the years 1719 and 1721 Edward England, John Taylor, Olivier LaBuse and Christopher Condent operated from Madagascar. Taylor and LaBuse reaped the greatest prize in the history of the Golden Age of Piracy, the Plunder ...


Somalia's pirates didn't all start out that way. Some were fishermen driven to high-seas crime when foreign fishing fleets began plundering Somalia's coast and destroying their livelihoods


The first organized pirate attack carried on by Somali pirates started shortly after the start of the second phase of the Somali Civil War in 2005. Although exact cause of those attack are not known (some claim that fisherman wanted to protect their waters from foreign ships, or that foreign toxic dumps created massive loss of sea life which forced fishermen to violence), as time went on more ...


In addition to blogging about pirates, I'm also reviewing the latest pirate series, Black Sails on Starz. A mix of fact and fantasy, Black Sails intermixes historic pirates like Charles Vane and Benjamin Hornigold with the fictional pirates from Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island.