Odysseus is a character of Homer's two epics, " The Odyssey" and "The Iliad," who displays courage through his numerous acts of bravery and leadership, going to battle against adversaries, like the Cyclops, Polyphemus an... More »

Odysseus showed his bravery by fighting valiantly in the war with Troy, facing great dangers on his decade-long voyage home and ridding his home of his wife's parasitical suitors upon his return. During his lengthy ordea... More »

In Homer's epic poem "Odyssey," Odysseus shows strength during the 10-year Trojan War, when blinding Poseidon's son and by stringing a bow that no other man can string. He also shows strength during his 10-year voyage ho... More »

Odysseus is the hero of Homer's epic poem "The Odyssey," which follows the protagonist as he attempts a difficult 10-year journey from Troy to his homeland of Ithaca. Odysseus also plays a major role in "The Iliad," in w... More »

An example of an epic simile in "The Odyssey" by Homer is, "as a blacksmith plunges a glowing axe or adze / in an ice-cold bath and the metal screeches steam / and its temper hardens €” that's the iron's strength €” / so... More »

The protagonist of Homer's "Odyssey," Odysseus, is an archetypal hero both spiritually and physically, being strong, virtuous and intelligent. He is an authoritative and noble leader and, despite his travels and ordeals,... More »

In chapter nine of the "Odyssey" by Homer, after Odysseus' men eat the lotus plant, they become blissful and apathetic and forget all about their desire to return home. Odysseus must force them back onto the ship and car... More »