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1950s Men’s Fashion – fashions for men in the 50’s are often thought of in terms of the Fonz and Grease.Well, forget that. These picture are a far more mainstream view of how men actually dressed. I’ve started with someone who typified looking sharp.


Where formal wear was concerned, men in the 1950s often wore white or ivory-colored dinner jackets. Casual wear included corduroy or plaid jackets, chinos, cuffed trousers, Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, knit shirts and loafers. Many young men in the 1950s adopted the preppy look, which favored All Star basketball shoes for footwear.


Rock n’ roll to rockabilly 1950s men’s fashions are making a comeback. Slim fitting suits, skinny ties, Letterman jackets, bowling shirts, saddle shoes and chunky glasses defined the 1950s guys wardrobe. While the hat was fading from fashion, men like Frank Sinatra kept the fedora hat and black and white shoes alive a little longer. . Meanwhile, musicians like Elvis introduced trendy new ...


Conformity in 1950s Men's Wear. If you look at movies and TV shows of the era, what you mostly see is the businessman look -- the gray flannel suit.Dark blue, dark brown and charcoal were the colors of a man's office suit, whether he was a lowly office grunt or head of the company.


What Did Men Wear in the '50s? By: B. Maté ... Men's Fashion Styles in the '80s; How Did Men Dress in the 1960s? How Did Teenagers Dress in the '60s & '70s? Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images . The 1950s brought about a new air of fashion, as men wore more than just "civilian clothing," a term that described the plain suit, raincoat and hat ...


To dress in the American 1950s fashion style for women, begin by selecting fitted, well tailored clothes, because a neat appearance is important for this style. For example, choose a well-pressed, fitted blouse with quarter length sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.


How Did People Dress in the 1950s? American women wore skirts, dresses, hats and gloves during the 1950s, while men primarily wore suits, sweaters, slacks and uniforms for work. In the 1950s, young boys and girls emulated the fashion styles of their parents.


What did women wear in the 1950s? Attending Hot August Nights, the largest classic car show in the west, has inspired me to take a look at 1950s fashion for women. My hubby and I usually dress up in vintage or repro ’50s clothes before going out to see all the cars.


The first thing you notice viewing pictures of teens in the 1950's is the neatness of their dress. Whether wearing their long-sleeved button-up shirts with or without sweater vests, teenage boys knew that pressed and tucked were the order of the day.


In the 1950s, fashion was more conservative and gender-specific than it is today. Teenage girls were expected to wear skirts and dresses in all but the most casual circumstances. Teenage boys had a little more freedom to be casual, wearing dungarees (or jeans) in the style James Dean and Marlon ...