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Stainless steel has a much lower conductivity than carbon steel: a thermal conductivity of about 15 watts per kelvin per meter, and an electrical conductivity (at room temperature) of about 1.4 million siemens per meter.


You are correct, stainless steel is a really poor conductor compared to most metals. This source lists it as $7.496 \times 10^{-7}\: \mathrm{\Omega \cdot m}$ which is more than 40 times worse than copper.. The reason is that conductivity in metals is high is that metals form a crystal lattice where the outer shell electrons are shared and easily move through the lattice.


Electrical conductivity is the measured amount of current generation created on a metal target’s surface. More simply, it is how easily an electrical current can flow through a metal. Which Metals Conduct Electricity? While all metals can conduct electricity, certain metals are more commonly used due to being highly conductive.


A list of the conductivity of metals sorted by resistivity from silver to graphite.


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The differences in electrical conductivity of various materials used in marine electrical products are often not well understood. Making assumptions about the electrical conductivity of a material because it looks similar to another conductive material of known ampacity can lead to disastrous results.


Electrical conductivity is the reciprocal quantity of resistivity. Conductivity is a measure of how well a material conducts an electric current. Electric conductivity may be represented by the Greek letter σ (sigma), κ (kappa), or γ (gamma).


The thermal conductivity of steel varies depending on the alloy. (It also varies as the temperature of the metal.) Stainless steels are generally only about a third as thermally conductive as ...


Steel 1008 (Annealed) 11.81 1.460E-07 MHASM1 conductivity converted from resistivity ... Conductivity and Resistivity Values for Iron & Alloys Compiled by the Collaboration for NDT Education, March 2002. ... Wrought Stainless Steel (annealed) 201 2.50 6.900E-07 MHASM1 conductivity converted from resistivity


There are literally hundreds of stainless steel formulas 302, 312, 313, 315 etc, They all conduct electricity but fall quite a bit short when compared to the best conductors, copper, silver etc. Copper and silver are 1.7x10^-8 and 1.6x10^-8 ohm-me...