The average temperature on Neptune is -373 degrees Fahrenheit. Neptune is, on average, 2.8 billion miles from the sun, making it the eighth planet from the sun, which is one reason this planet is so cold. More »

Neptune's surface is both cold and windy. Satellite data reveals temperatures of approximately -360 degrees Fahrenheit and wind speeds that can exceed 1,300 mph, making it the windiest planet in the solar system, accordi... More » Science Astronomy Planets

Neptune's atmosphere is primarily made up of helium, methane and hydrogen, making it unsuitable for sustaining human life. Because Neptune is a gas giant, it has no surface, which means there is no solid ground to land o... More »

The mean temperature of Neptune is -353 degrees Fahrenheit, which drops to -346 degrees F at the planet's cloud tops. Along with Uranus, Neptune is categorized as an ice giant, primarily due to its icy composition. More » Science Astronomy Planets

Neptune has an average temperature of -373 degrees Fahrenheit, while the clouds that make up the planet's atmosphere range between -240 and -330 degrees Fahrenheit. Neptune is an ice giant that is primarily made up of a ... More »

The average surface temperature on Neptune is minus 329.8 degrees Fahrenheit, close to its effective temperature of minus 353 degrees Fahrenheit. Neptune is among the coldest planets in the solar system. More » Science Astronomy Planets

The average temperature on Neptune is minus 392 degrees Fahrenheit, according to NASA. Neptune is the farthest major planet in Earth's solar system from the Sun, and it is about 30 times farther from the Sun than Earth, ... More » Science Astronomy Planets