You can print an image of the screen on a Windows computer by pressing the Print Screen key near the top right of your keyboard. If you only need to capture the image in a specific window, press Alt+Print Screen. More » Technology Software

The Print Screen button on a Windows PC no longer sends a picture of your screen directly to your printer. Instead, it captures a screenshot that you can save as a file and print. More »

Use the Print Screen key to capture an image of whatever is currently displayed on the computer screen with a single keystroke. You may then use the Paste function to place the captured window image onto projects such as... More » Technology Computers & Hardware Printers

To print a screen in Windows 7, navigate to the window, application or screen you want to print and press the Print Screen key (often labelled Prt Sc), which is located above the arrow keys. Start Microsoft Paint and pas... More »

To use the print screen option in Windows 7, open the page you want to capture on the computer, and press and hold the PrtScn key on your keyboard. Open Paint, and then press and hold the Control and V keys simultaneousl... More » Technology Software

Users of Windows XP and beyond can take screenshots of an individual window or the entire screen by using the Print Screen key. The screenshot can be viewed and edited using Microsoft's Paint program, which is included i... More »

Rotate the computer screen on Windows by pressing and holding the "Ctrl" key, the "Alt" key and one of the arrow keys on the keyboard. This action is very fast and users can put their screen back to the normal configurat... More » Technology Software