The nesting method used by birds depends upon their size, location and diet. It also depends on the available nesting materials and the reproductive habits of the given bird species. Some do not build nests at all, but t... More »

Make your own bird repellent by soaking bird seeds in garlic oil. Mix the treated seeds with untreated ones, and leave the seeds out for birds to consume. Garlic is a natural appetite suppressant, and the smell and taste... More » Home & Garden Pest Control

Female love birds will lay eggs with or without a presence of a male but without male intervention, the eggs will be unfertilized and cannot hatch. To successfully breed love birds, make sure the pair is healthy, normal,... More »

Most birds leave their nests when they can feed themselves. This usually occurs when the birds turn into fledglings and are two weeks old. Depending on the species, some birds may wean for another week or two or until th... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Because most birds within the United States are protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, citizens cannot legally kill or relocate birds, their nests or their eggs. Scaring the birds off may work temporarily, but if t... More »

Many species of birds build nests for the primary function of laying eggs and raising young birds. Each species has its own nesting habits, but many build nests high above the ground to isolate eggs and fledglings from g... More »

Baby birds eat insects provided by their parents in their early days, although this diet changes as baby birds get older. Insects provide the protein-rich diet that birds need for early development. More »