According to Birds in Backyards, birds can fly because every part of their anatomy has evolved to enhance flight. In order for a bird to fly, it must be lightweight. Therefore, birds have evolved lightweight hollow bones... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Birds fly by flapping their wings up and down as well as forward through the air. The vertical motion of the wing is greatest farther away from the body. Closer to the body, wing movement is primarily horizontal. More » Pets & Animals Birds

Some fun facts about birds include that not all birds fly, even though their ability to fly is one of the first things people think of when they consider birds. There are nearly 10,000 species of birds, and they are foun... More » Pets & Animals Birds

Aves, the Latin word for birds, is a class of warm-blooded, toothless, feathered, winged vertebrates with horny beaks that are characterized by a number of features that facilitate flight. The Aves' high metabolic rate, ... More »

The Bay of Fundy is a great place for migrating shorebirds because its mud flats provide an abundant source of rich food, which is ideal for birds that need to build energy for sustained flight. The bay's receding tides ... More »

Buzzards have lightweight but strong bones and muscles, streamlined bodies, and respiratory systems that require large oxygen supplies. These physiological features allow buzzards to fly. More » Pets & Animals Birds

Birds have specific housing requirements for their health and well-being, and the commercially available bird-feeders, no matter how large, do not meet these requirements and are not a housing option for birds. A bird's ... More » Pets & Animals Birds