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It is absolutely shocking how much hair one small dog can shed. A Labrador isn't exactly backward in shedding his hair, but in a competition with a pug, the pug wins. As a pug owner, you can't stop your pug from shedding, but you can take steps to minimize it.


The other common question that leads to some mixed responses regards the colour of the pug. Do black pugs shed less than fawn pugs, as many suspect? While there are some owners of black pug that would say that black pug shedding is just as bad, fawn pugs are physically pre-determined to shed more.


Someone offered me a free 8 month old pug. How bad do they shed. We had one when I was a little kid. They said its potty trained but there older pug isn't happy sharing the house.


Why Do Pugs Shed So Much? Black pugs shed significantly less than other pugs because they have single coat. Pugs with fawn, silver-fawn, and apricot-fawn fur have double coats: the top coat and the shorter layer beneath it. For this reason, other pugs will shed about twice as much as pugs with black fur.


Pugs shed alot. Hair, everywhere !! Beware Thinking of getting a Pug? Wondering how much Pugs shed? Here is a small clip of me grooming Pedro my pet Pug with Pedro is 13 week old in this video.


How Much Does a Pug Shed? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Pug is a small dog with a short, glossy coat that is soft and fine – it should not be wooly or hard. In terms of colors and markings, the two accepted colors for this breed are fawn and black.


Pugs who are fed a homemade diet of real meat and vegetables have much less trouble with gassiness. Constant shedding. It usually comes as a shock to new Pug owners just how much a Pug sheds. Most dog breeds have two shedding seasons per year where they shed the majority of their dead hairs.


When do pugs shed the most? Seasonal. Pugs shed all year around – 365 days a year. However, like many other dog breeds, pugs tend to shed (even) more when the weather gets warmer in summer and their winter coat comes off.


right, all dogs shed, some more noticeable than others. you may say some dogs don't shed but they all loose hair, maybe only 2 strands a day, but they do shed. all pugs shed, black pugs shed, fawn pugs shed, silver pugs shed, and white pugs shed!


Shedding: As mentioned in our Pug FAQ’s section, Pugs shed a lot. In fact, they shed more than a lot. They shed tons. If you read or hear anything to the contrary, you’re either getting misinformation, or the input of someone whose Pug is a rare exception to the norm. If you get a Pug, you’ll have fur all over the place.