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Diameter, pitch and length in millimeters define the size of a metric screw. Metric screws have pitches of coarse, fine or extra fine. Carriage and stove screws are coarse threaded. Machine screws are either coarse threaded or fine threaded.


Metric-Conversions.org and the University of Illinois both provide tables of metric measurements. Metric-Conversions.org offers metric conversion tables for temperature, weight, length and area. It also provides tables for conversion of volume and speed from standard English measurements to metric m


The unit used to measure weight in the metric system is the gram. Other metric units for weight include the kilogram, the metric ton and the milligram.


CSGNetwork.com provides a metric chart for machine screw sizes and EngineersEdge.com offers a list of links to metric size charts for various types of screw and fastener sizes. In addition to a drill screw metric size chart, CSGNetwork.com offers a tap and clearance drill screw size chart.


Business metrics are the standards of measurement by which the various aspects of a business are evaluated. Each area of a business, including marketing, sales and administration, has its own set of metrics. Key metrics include sales revenue, cost of customer acquisition and gross margin.


The meter is the metric system's base unit of length. Since 1983, the meter has been defined as the distance light travels in 1/299,792,458 of a second. The earliest definition of a meter had it as the one ten-millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole.


As of 2015, charts to convert metric cooking measurements are available from RecipeLand, Epicurious, and Nourish Interactive. Charts from RecipeLand and Epicurious can be viewed online, while charts from Nourish Interactive can be viewed online or printed.


The metric system was developed by a group of French scientists after the conclusion of the French Revolution, and was based on ideas developed during the 17th century. As of 2015, only a handful of countries do not use the metric system, such as the United States and Liberia.


Cubic centimeters is the correct unit for measuring the volume of a solid. By contrast, liters are the correct units for measuring the volume of a liquid. For substances such as water, with a specific gravity of 1, each cubic centimeter of the liquid is equal to 1 milliliter of the liquid. However,


A metric screw and bolt thread chart can be found at FastenerMart.com. Unlike inch-sized screws and bolts, metric screw sizes are preceded by an "M," and the dimensions are listed in metric units.