There are three types of fish reproduction. The first and most common one, found in 97% of fish, is ovaparity. The other two types are oviviparity and viviparity. As in humans, male fish produce sperm, and female fish pr... More »

Baby dolphins, or calves, are approximately 3.8 feet long and weigh around 40 pounds. Baby dolphins gestate for a period between 9 and 17 months, depending on the species. Calves are born live in shallow water and quickl... More »

Pisces may be born in either February or March, between the 19th of the former and the 20th of the latter. It is the 12th (and final) sign of the zodiacal cycle. More » World View Fortune Zodiac

The male guppy extends a tube from his gonopodium and inserts it into the female's genital pore during guppy reproduction. Once the male inserts the tube, he ejaculates sperm into the female. The sperm mixes with one of ... More »

According to North Carolina Aquariums, fish swim in schools because schooling protects them from predators, encourages reproduction and makes it easier to find food. Schooling also conserves energy, as each fish drafts i... More »

Being able to identify a fish relies on several factors, such as the body size, shape, and pattern, certain characteristics, where it's been found, and various others. There are many tools online to help identify fish. More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Fish

A marlin is a type of fish with a spear-like snout, elongated body and rigid dorsal fin. Marlins can weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds. Despite their large size, they are fast swimmers, reaching upwards of 50 miles p... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Fish