While several animals have evolved to survive in desert climates without the need for much water, the kangaroo rat does not need to drink any water at all. They are able to get the moisture they need from the food that t... More »

According to the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, sheep do drink from running water. In fact, they prefer moving water to still water. For food, sheep prefer to graze pastures, eating hay, timothy, weeds and other... More »

The amount of water a cat should drink should be about 2.5 times its daily intake of food. As an example, a cat should drink about 10 ounces of water if it eats four ounces of dry food in a day. More »

The largest group of two-legged animal are birds, but there are a number of bipedal mammals as well, including many primates, kangaroos, wallabies and kangaroo rats. Many dinosaurs were bipedal, and several lizards can b... More »

For a fossil to form, the remains of an animal need to be covered with sediment relatively quickly after the organism's death. The soft tissues rot away before the sediment hardens around the bones and teeth. Eventually,... More »

A few of the animal science careers that involve working directly with animals include working for zoos, kennels, farms, wildlife preserves and universities as a veterinarian, behaviorist, nutritionist, scientist, traine... More »

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An animal that hunts other animals for food is called a carnivore or predator. These animals must kill other smaller animals to feed. Since carnivores must hunt to survive, they use large amounts of energy to obtain thei... More »