An audio equalizer, or EQ, alters sound by adding to or reducing frequencies within a signal. Treble and bass controls on audio equipment are two types of equalizers that adjust high and low frequencies, respectively. More » Technology Audio Equipment

Audiophiles looking for free graphic equalisers can download Voxengo Marvel GEQ and Equalizer APO for Windows and Soundflower and AU Lab for Macs. The software lets users control and adjust different bands of their compu... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A hand brake is also known as a parking brake or emergency brake. It's a secondary braking system used to keep a vehicle in a stationary position. A hand brake is usually installed as a lever situated between the front s... More »

An equalizer, or EQ, allows for manipulation of ranges of frequencies in audio. This allows customization of the sound to match a certain song, speaker or pair of headphones. Equalizers typically have adjustments for fre... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Each slider on an equalizer represents a range of frequencies, from the lowest on the left to the highest on the right, whose volume can be raised or lowered independently of the others, so the listener can alter the mus... More » Technology Audio Equipment

An audio equalizer is used to boost or cut specific frequency ranges to improve sound, add clarity and depth and balance elements in a mix. A basic equalizer allows the user to adjust fixed high and low frequencies and s... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A radio frequency modulator is a device that allows consumers to connect external devices to radios and televisions, adding an audio or video signal to a carrier wave, transmitting the audio, or displaying the picture in... More » Technology Audio Equipment