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Folic acid is used for brain function and the production of DNA and RNA, according to University of Maryland Medical Center. Folic acid also aids in metabolism, helping the body change carbohydrates into glucose. Folic acid is especially important during pregnancy to av...


Hydrochloric acid is the gastric acid found in a person's stomach. The stomach lining consists of parietal cells that secrete hydrochloric acid. This gastric acid is also important for certain stomach functions.


Some fruits that help reduce the amount of acid in the body are bananas and melons, claims Health Media Ventures. Bananas are a safe option for people with acid reflux due to the low acidity value. While about 1 percent of people have experienced worsened symptoms after...


Studies suggest that hydroxycitric acid promotes weight loss and lowers lipid activity, claims Drugs.com; however, studies and trials to support the effectiveness of hydroxycitric acid are limited. Research shows that mild adverse reactions may occur, such as headaches,...


According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, the acid in a person's stomach is hydrochloric acid. It is one of the components of gastric juice, the strongly acidic and nearly colorless liquid produced by glands in the stomach lining.


According to AZ Central, lactic acid buildup can be prevented by warming up prior to beginning a serious workout. Once the muscles are warmed up, a high-intensity period of activity followed by a low-intensity period is the best way to remove lactic acid from the body.


Folic acid is a B vitamin that encourages new cell growth in the body, according to MedlinePlus. It is responsible for DNA creation and optimal body function, states WebMD. It synthesizes RNA, aids rapid cell division and growth, and produces healthy red blood cells, cl...