Pagers are communications devices that use radios to receive messages sent from a paging controller. Pagers operate on a system that may include one or many pagers in total. More » Technology Mobile

Telephones began as large, clunky devices capable of transmitting and receiving voice messages over short distances, then evolved to lighter, transportable cellular devices capable of enabling communications over large d... More »

Modern communication device include cell phones, Bluetooth devices, computers, intercoms, televisions, radios, pagers, fax machines and GPS instruments. Satellites and other technology makes it easier and faster for peop... More »

Cellphones are like sophisticated radios, with microphones and wireless antennas. When a cellphone user speaks into the microphone, the voice wave is converted to an electrical signal, which is transmitted as a radio wav... More » Technology Mobile

WhatsApp works on Android devices running Android 2.1 or later if the phone is able to receive SMS messages and calls. The app is not supported on tablets running the Android operating system or Wi-Fi only devices, as of... More » Technology Mobile

Telephone answering machines help people by playing a pre-recorded message that can inform callers that the recipient of the call is unavailable, and these devices record messages left by callers so that the recipient ca... More » Technology Mobile

The word "Kik" commonly appears in text messages in short phrases such as "What's your Kik?" and "Kik me," both of which refer to Kik, the free instant messaging application for mobile devices. Developed by Kik Interacti... More »