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Some good, free online basketball games include “Stick Basketball” and “Bobblehead Basketball.” These games are among the most popular basketball titles on AddictingGames.com, a gaming website.


There are full episodes of "Basketball Wives" and "Basketball Wives LA" that are free to watch on VH1.com, although there are exceptions. Every episode of in all five seasons of "Basketball Wives" is free, but only select episodes of "Basketball Wives LA" are free.


Today.com and Hulu.com feature video clips from the “Today” show, but no full episodes are available online. The show also has an official mobile app to watch videos and is available on a variety of app stores. As of 2015, the app is available for free and is available for smartphones and tables. Bo


A basketball team consists of five on-court players; however, a team can have up to 15 players signed, and it can have up to 13 active players on its roster for the purposes of substitution during a game. The WNBA allows up to 12 players on a roster, up from 11.


Basketball season starts in late October and runs until mid- to late June. All college and professional teams complete their regular and post-season play within this time frame.


View Dude Perfect videos online at their official website, DudePerfect.com, or on their YouTube channel. The videos are also available on the group's social media pages. You can also find Dude Perfect videos on websites that focus on sports, such as TheBlaze.com.


Many large television networks, such as the American Broadcasting Company and CBS, offer live streaming news via the Internet for free. Many local news stations also stream live news at no charge.


In the game of basketball, field goals made anywhere inside the arc are scored as two points. Three points are awarded for shots made beyond the arc, as long as the shooter is completely outside the line. Foul shots from the free throw line are worth a single point.


To legally watch NBA games online, go to nba.com/leaguepass, click Buy Now under the Digital category, and select the package you prefer. Enter your personal information to create an account, input your billing information and pay for an NBA LEAGUE PASS subscription.


Watch TV online by visiting sites such as Hulu, Crackle and the official homes of NBC and ABC. These sites all offer streaming television content for free or for a small fee.