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Snapchat does not have an official client that is compatible with a computer, but users can run Snapchat on a computer by using a Android app emulator, such as Bluestacks. Snapchat users have the same experience using an Android emulator for messages, but camera support is limited.


The Snapchat messaging service application is completely free to use. It allows people to chat and send pictures or videos from a smartphone or tablet. The Snapchat app is available for both Android and Apple operating systems.


Though it is a violation of Snapchat's terms of use, you can save images and videos by using third party applications such as Casper for Snapchat. Snapchat is supposed to work in such a way that photos and videos sent should disappear within seconds of being viewed.


You can log in to Snapchat online by visiting Snapchat.am and entering your Snapchat user name and password. Logging in to Snapchat online will log you out of the app, as only one medium can be used at a time.


To delete a Snapchat story, tap your name on the "My Friends" page, tap each part of the story you want to delete, and select the "delete" option to remove it. By doing this, you ensure that your friends are no longer able to see those sections of your story. If you delete all of the sections, this


To delete chat history on Snapchat, a user must go to the Account Actions menu that can be found under Snapchat settings. From this menu, a user can choose to either delete conversations one at a time or all at once using the "Clear All" function.


To delete a Snapchat feed from your feed screen, go to the Snapchat settings on the application, select Clear Conversations under the account actions and then select the specific conversations you want to delete. You have the option to delete individual conversations one by one or to clear all conve


Screenshots can be taken on Snapchat the same as they are taken while using any other application on your smartphone. When using Android, simultaneously press the power and volume down buttons. When using an iPhone, hold down the power button and then press the home button.


Snapchat users can use the company’s social media video messaging mobile software application on their iPad devices. As of 2015, the tablet requires an installed version of the IOS 7 operating system or later.


Snapchat has an official Twitter account with millions of followers that operates with the handle @Snapchat. The account retweets messages from Snapchat users and showcases Snapchat image filters. Another way to see Snapchat activity is to search for tweets that include keywords such as "snapchat" o