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An office cleaning business is an opportunity to have high growth, with continuous work and efforts; profits can be realized at any given time. Any business owner in the cleaning industry should realize that hard work is necessary to get something bigger, especially if the office cleaning business has just begun.


How to Market Your Small Commercial Cleaning Company. Starting a commercial cleaning company isn’t the end of the story. You have to get clients, and you do this mainly through marketing. When it comes to marketing your business, you can choose between handing off this responsibility to a professional marketer or doing the work yourself.


To start a successful office cleaning business, you'll need to leave offices sparkling while respecting your client's privacy. Use green or safe cleaning supplies and you may have an advantage over other cleaning services - you can use that to sell your services to new clients who will tell others about your environmentally friendly cleaning ...


In every city there are hundreds of offices that are in need of a quality cleaning service. Working in an unclean office environment is not only uncomfortable, but a public safety hazard. This is why there is a golden opportunity for you to start up your own office cleaning business from home. Read more.


The Cleaning Masterclass, the number 1 supplier of cleaner training, presents the very best in cleaner training courses and manuals, technical cleaning manuals and cleaning business opportunities. Training for cleaners takes the form of a basic cleaning technique course. This Masterclass series presents a collection of manuals specifically aimed at starting a new cleaning business, moving into ...


Starting an office cleaning business is one of the easiest and low-cost businesses to begin. It will be some work in the beginning to find customers, but once you have 2 or 3 signed up, you should be making a decent monthly income. Most work is done after hours so to begin with you can still work another job if you want.


Specialised cleaning – there are lots of potentially valuable niches to explore: from a window cleaning business and a carpet cleaning business to a roof cleaning or a car wash/car valet business (all of which could be done as a residential or a commercial cleaning business).


When you start a cleaning business, you can choose to specialize or to offer a variety of cleaning services such as move in/move out cleaning, maintenance cleaning for regular customers, floor care services (such as carpet cleaning), post-renovation/disaster cleanup, or exterior cleaning (such as window washing or parking lot cleanup), and more.


Get the inside scoop from established cleaning service business owners who share their tips for building a successful cleaning business. Start Slideshow The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc.


When you're ready to start your cleaning business, you will need to acquire a Doing Business As (DBA) registration and a vendor's license. You can get a DBA registration application from either your county administration office or office of the county clerk.