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How to shave your upper lip. The upper lip is one of the more notorious spots for shaving difficulty. So difficult, that many men and barbers have chosen to avoid it altogether. This has led to questionable facial styles over the years – think Charlie Chaplin.


Shave from the outside of your upper lip, to the inside. Shave each side, with the razor still in a horizontal position. If your face starts to feel dry by this stage, reapply your shaving product for better lubrication. Maintenace. Before you are done shaving, you may notice a few awkward hairs still sticking out. This is where a trimmer or ...


It’s a very effective way to stretch the skin above your upper lip for example. These stretching tips apply to rotary razors as well. 4. Alter the length and direction of the strokes. Depending on the direction of the grain and the area that you’re shaving, shorter, more vigorous strokes may work better.


Do not shave your upper lip hair because shaving leads to thicker growth of hair in the future and may damage the skin. We all know that threading is very famous method used in removal of unwanted hair but it is a temporary method. By this the hair comes back again after 15 days.


Wet your face with warm water. Put some shaving cream on the area you want to shave the hairs. Take a new disposable razor and start to shave carefully. Take the razor and put under your nose and shave carefully down to the top of your lips. Move razor over and repeat steps. If you want to shave your chin hairs, cheek hairs, or side burns the ...


dont shave it or you will get stubble, not so pretty. i suggest waxxing. u can also get bleaching products at drug stores. please dont shave it, oit makes it worse! 2 0


The " lip shave " can also be combined with a Gillies' procedure for recreating the " cupid's bow " of a scarred upper lip and with a " filleting " procedure in chronic lymphoedema of the upper lip to reduce the bulk of subcutaneous tissue.


Before shaving, apply a lubricant, such as soap or shaving cream. Avoid the temptation to pull your skin tightly while shaving. Shave in the direction that the hair grows.


Wax your upper lip hair. Swap shaving for waxing if your dark shadows are the result of stubble. When you shave hair, it cuts the hair bluntly for short-term results. When the hair grows back, it often looks darker and thicker because of the blunt end. Waxing pulls hair from the root, notes KidsHealth.org, a division of the Nemours Foundation.


How to stop bleeding on lip from shaving. August 4, 2015 by woundcaresociety Leave a Comment. Even a minor shaving cut can leave a complicated problem, especially when it is located around your sensitive lips and won’t stop bleeding. Minor cuts from shaving are usually harmless and less painful, as long as your razor is kept clean and shine.