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In the Bratz Fish Tank game, you choose fish for your tank, feed them and take care of them using your mouse. You can also decorate your own tank and do more fun activities with your fish.


Play "Monkey GO Happy" by using the mouse to click on different items in each level to trigger events that cause the monkey character to become happy. Each level contains different goals and challenges, with each solution requiring a careful observation of the environment.


Play the online game "Monkey GO Happy 6" by clicking on different areas of each level to obtain hidden items, then use those items to interact with other elements of the environment. The goal of each level is to complete different tasks and make the monkey happy.


Users can play "Monkey GO Happy 5" for free at PencilKids.com. In addition to "Monkey GO Happy 5," PencilKids hosts other games from the "Monkey GO Happy" series, including "Monkey GO Happy Treasure," "Monkey GO Happy Eggs," "Monkey GO Happy Ninjas," and "Monkey GO Happy Leprechauns."


A person can play "Teen Titans Go!" games for free on CartoonNetwork.com. For example, "Titans Most Wanted" is a grid-based strategy game in which the player controls one or more of the Teen Titan members in an attempt to clear all the bad guys on every stage.


Children can play “Monkey Go Happy 4” on arcade websites such as PrimaryGames. The games in this series are considered action puzzle games and require Adobe Flash Player to play.


Shuffleboard is played by teams of one or two players alternatively sliding four weights across a board, trying to get them close to the end of the board without going off. Players may hit already-placed weights out, and the player with the furthest weight gets points for that round.


By definition, fish are animals that live in water, have gills and lack limbs. They are also chordates, which means they have a backbone-like structure that provides support for the body and acts as an anchor for the major muscles.


Being able to identify a fish relies on several factors, such as the body size, shape, and pattern, certain characteristics, where it's been found, and various others. There are many tools online to help identify fish.


Solitaire played with marbles is called "Solo Noble" or "peg solitaire." It requires a board with either 33 or 37 holes designed to hold marbles, depending on the version being played.