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How to Paint a Ceiling Tip #2: Choose quality ceiling paint! Poor quality paint will require more coats (read: more time painting) versus just two coats of high quality paint. UPDATE (2020): Since writing this article in 2015, the small independent paint company whose paint I used in the original article has gone out of business.


Accessing a ceiling to prepare and paint the surface will always be awkward as a normal height ceiling is just too high to be able to easily reach from the floor. If the room is very high then it may be worthwhile hiring a scaffold tower from your local hire shop and arranging some scaffold boards into a lattice supported by the scaffolding so ...


How to Paint Ceilings Quickly and Easily. Update a room by painting the ceiling a new color. Whether you need to fix a bad paint job or want to create an accent ceiling, a fresh paint job can help. Painting ceilings can be a literal pain in the neck, but it’s a great way to freshen up a room. In our 100+ year old home, the walls have sported ...


While the strip is still wet, switch to the roller, which will allow you to cover the surface much more easily and evenly. Use a zigzag pattern (imagine you’re tracing the letter M, N, or W) to paint three-foot-by-three-foot sections, overlapping each new section over the wet edge of the last one. Tip: Don’t lean on the roller.


Painting a cathedral ceiling is easily the hardest type of ceiling to take and the most difficult due to the need of a scaffold or lift when using a paint sprayer. Let’s take a look into the easiest way to paint a ceiling that is high with a paint sprayer.


My PaintStick gets a workout; I’ve used it to paint every room and it makes ceilings SO easy (don’t forget to use the spatter shield to protect your floors and your hair). I knew it would be the perfect tool to help me get out over the steps without falling down the steps!


-Ceiling Paint –EZ-Twist PaintStick-Paint Brush for cutting in. How to Paint Ceilings: First let’s talk about this EZ-Twist paint stick. This bad boy is what makes this process so easy! It allows you to suck the paint up into your paint handle completely eliminating your need for paint tray’s, thus mess free!


Hi Doo: I get the Behr ceiling paint from Home Depot. Others may have it, though. I get the kind that goes on purple or pink and dries white. That way, you don't have the overlapping or missed places when you paint. Just don't put a fan on when you're painting as it will dry the paint out too fast. It usually turns white in 10 or 15 minutes.


If it comes off easily, the job of painting a ceiling fan is even easier. 6. Use Rustoleum Ultra Cover paint in Gloss and a 1 -1/2″angled paint brush to paint the base/motor cover. I like this paint because it dries to a nice smooth finish.


Before we get into how to install a ceiling medallion, a few tips/lessons from my do-over DIY. Definitely use a sprayer to paint a ceiling medallion. You’ll get quick, even coverage in a fraction of the time required with brush or roller painting. Before painting the medallion, buy sample pots of paint and test them in the room.