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To apply for an American passport, take a completed but unsigned Form DS-11, citizenship evidence, a government-issued ID and an appropriate passport photo to a local acceptance facility. While at the facility, the applicant must sign the DS-11 form, take an oath and pay for standard or expedited pr


First time U.S. Passport applicants must apply in person, complete and submit Form DS-11, show proof of U.S. citizenship and other identification, such as a driver's license and provide a photocopy of the identification documents to be submitted. Applicants must also pay the application fee and prov


To find your passport number, open the passport to the inside front cover and look in the upper right corner of the page. The number is nine digits long and is typically written in black ink under the line "Passport No."


The nine-digit number on a U.S. passport is on the top right of the photo page just inside the cover of the passport. It's printed right under Passport No./No. du Passeport, No. de Pasaporte. If you don't have the passport with you, the number can be recovered from documents you fill out as part of


To get a passport to travel in the United States, fill out and submit the U.S. passport application and provide a passport photo, explains the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs. The exact method of getting a U.S. passport depends on the applicant's age and whether the applicant is


The procedure for requesting a name change on a passport depends on how long ago the original passport was issued and why the name change is necessary, explains the U.S. Department of State. In each case, the passport holder needs to submit the necessary form along with one color passport photo, any


If you are a U.S. citizen, you can get a passport by providing a passport application and appropriate documentation to an approved passport facility. The U.S. Department of State lays out different procedures according to first timers, children and passport renewals.


In order to obtain a passport, the application process requires evidence of U.S. citizenship, photo identification, a passport photo and Form DS-11. A certified U.S. birth certificate, a previous U.S. passport, a consular report of birth abroad or a certificate of naturalization/citizenship is accep


Digital Passport is a general educational system designed for students in the third to fifth grades. The system is published by Common Sense Media and is available at no cost to schools.


Identify an official government passport issued by the United States by the cover of the passport booklet and by the period of validity. Other features that distinguish genuine passports from forgeries include the presence of security features and machine-readable text. Members of Congress who trave