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The standard size of a full-size crib as of 2015 is 28 inches wide, plus or minus five-eighths of an inch, and 52 3/8 inches long, plus or minus five-eighths of an inch, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This standard minimizes or prevents crib injuries and deaths.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies the average height for American women as about 5 feet, 4 inches tall. The average man is just over 5 feet, 9 inches tall.


The standard door height is 6 feet 8 inches. When framing a door opening, 2 5/8 inches must be added to the height of the door to leave room for the door jamb and flooring.


Length, width and height are the measurements taken of a three-dimensional object. These measurements can then be multiplied together to find the object's total area.


The average height of a horse depends on the type and breed. The average height of Quarter Horses is 15 hands high, or 15 hh. The average height of Hanoverians is 18 hh. Horses are measured in "hands," which equal the width of a man’s palm, or approximately 4 inches.


Many height and weight tables are not accurate, according to HealthStatus. Calculations that take into account factors other than height and weight, such as age and frame size, are more accurate. Many health professionals rely on BMI (body mass index) as a reliable way to determine whether a person


In the 40 years after a man turns 30, he can lose an inch in height, according to the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. During those same 40 years, the average woman can lose 2 inches. After age 80, both men and women often lose another inch.


While there is no guaranteed method for predicting a child's future height, a few simple formulas provide a reasonable approximation for the majority of children, according to Mayo Clinic. Final adult height depends on three factors: genetics, chronic illness and nutrition, explains WebMD.


Linda Vaughn is five-feet, one-half-inch. In the 1970's, at the height of her popularity as a trophy queen for automotive races, Vaughn weighed 142 pounds and her breast-waist-hips ratio was 39-26-37 inches.


Measuring speed requires time (T) and a known distance (D). Using the formula distance = rate x time (D=R*T), one determines the average speed by dividing distance by time, or R = D/T. This method assumes the object being measured is already in motion.