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There is no consensus on how often to feed baby rabbits. Some authorities recommend not feeding them more often than every 6 hours. Animal care rehabilitators have had success feeding baby rabbits every 2 to 3 hours from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. when the rabbits' eyes are closed. The time between feedings is lengthened as the rabbits eat more per feeding.


Keep the baseboards in the house covered and keep rabbits out of areas where things are contained that rabbits like to chew on. Keep the rabbit near the family so the rabbit will stay alive and healthy. Step 3- Baby rabbits need alfalfa to eat and adult rabbits need to eat hay. Keep large amounts of hay for the rabbit so they can have a steady ...


Make sure that your rabbits get enough variety in their day-to-day lives, have plenty of toys and things to entertain them, and get to play outside or in different environments regularly. 6. Keep your rabbit clean Keeping your rabbit, his hutch and all of his equipment clean is vital to keeping your rabbit fit, healthy and comfortable. Cleaning ...


Again, make sure you KNOW for sure the mom was killed and the bunnies are abandoned (not warm, etc).You will not see the mom.Remember, the mom will only come back in the middle of the night to feed her babies.If the mom was killed, the best thing you can do for a wild orphaned baby bunny is to get in touch with a skilled rehabilitator.


The mother bunny gives her babies plenty of food each time she visits them and cares for them. I know you want to help the bunny, but so does it's mother and is probably wondering where it's at. The best way to keep the bunny alive is to put the bunny back where you found it.


Formula milk is the best option to feed baby rabbits without a mother. You should make a diet chart according to the age of the baby rabbit. You must dilute formula milk before feeding a baby rabbit. You can either save the life of your baby rabbit or can harm them. Read this article thoroughly so you can give a good life start to your baby ...


Keep in mind that just one of these problems alone isn’t enough to warrant a “rescue;” there are many different reasons besides parental abandonment that baby bunnies sometimes fail to thrive. However, if the kits are obviously in distress and just getting worse, then being raised and rehabilitated by humans may really be their only hope.


2. Keep the Bird Warm. While you’re working to get help for the animal, keep him or her warm and quiet by placing a heating pad on the lowest setting under half of the box or placing a small hot water bottle inside the box. Then put the box in a closet or another warm, dark, quiet, and safe place away from people and animals.


If you returned the baby to a spot in your yard and you have a dog or cat, keep them away from the area until the rabbits are gone. We leashed our dog and took him to another area of the yard to do his business. It only took a day or two before the little rabbits had moved out.


I,m starting this form to find ways to keep baby bunnies warm because i live in Texas and it gets down to around 20degess in the winter time even in my barn its still really cold. I have tried things like heat lamps and mini heaters and those work but i,m looking for cheaper and easier ways to keep my little bunnies warm.