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A cast-iron radiator works by pushing hot water or steam through the pipes or fins, heating the surrounding air. Because warmer air is less dense, it rises away from the radiator. The colder air in the room then moves into the radiator, and the process begins again.


Cast iron is mainly composed of iron, carbon and silicon, with a carbon content of 2 to 5 percent. Cast iron can also contain some sulphur, manganese and phosphorus.


Clean a cast-iron pan by adding hot water and soap to the pan, then scrubbing gently with a stiff brush. After a few minutes, wash the pan under hot water, and towel it dry immediately. Apply a small amount of oil to the surface to prevent rust.


To drill through cast iron, use a carbide diamond drill bit dipped in lubricating oil to make the hole and finish with a round metal file. Wear all proper safety equipment while drilling through cast iron, including protective eye-wear, goggles and gloves.


Cast iron stoves cost between $600 and $3,400 at stores such as Woodland Direct and Tractor Supply Co., as of March 2015. Online retailers often include free shipping to the buyer's home or a local store branch.


Agri Supply sells a 90-gallon cast iron stew pot made by Carolina Cooker, as of 2015. It is 26 inches deep and 42 inches in diameter across the top. The Agri Supply website offers other Carolina Cooker cast iron pots ranging in size from 4 gallons to 90 gallons.


To clean a cast iron grill, scrub the grill with a wire brush, and wipe it with an apple cider vinegar solution. Wash the grill with a mild dish detergent, and then re-season it.


To properly cut cast iron pipe, use a snap cutter, which cuts accurately without damaging the rest of the pipe. First, stabilize the pipe, and then mark a cut line. Finally, use the snap cutter to cut the pipe.


It is healthier to cook a potato in the oven rather than fry it. Cooking potatoes in the oven preserve most of their nutrients.


Two different cast iron kettles can be purchased at Home Depot and NorthlineExpress.com. The kettle available at Home Depot is 3 quarts, while the kettle available at NorthlineExpress.com is 5 quarts. Both kettles are for use on a wood stove.