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A fishless cycle is an easy and cruelty-free way to fill your tank with the necessary bacteria before you add fish. By consistently adding ammonia—which gets turned into nitrogen and nitrate in the presence of these bacteria—the bacteria will grow in numbers until their presence is strong enough to create a healthy tank environment.


Very simple and easy to understand tutorial on cycling a fish tank in 24 hours and a tutorial on how to set up a fish tank, big or small. Please check out th...


“Cycling” is the process of growing good bacteria colonies in a tank which consume toxic fish waste and convert it into less toxic forms. The process of cycling a tank can take anywhere from 1-3 months, but can be hurried along by using bacteria supplements like Stability®.


THE NITROGEN CYCLE. The nitrogen cycle (also known as ‘new tank syndrome’) is an ongoing process and without a doubt the most important process in helping to sustain the health of your aquarium. Without this occurrence, ammonia and nitrite, which are produced naturally, will become lethal to most livestock (i.e. fish and corals).


What Is The Nitrogen Cycle? In nature, the nitrogen cycle describes the process where nitrogen moves from the air to plants, to animals to bacteria, and then back to air. That system works just fine and needs no human intervention. However, the cycle works differently in the enclosed environment of the aquarium. In a fish tank, the process is a biochemical mechanism that sees the continual ...


Without the nitrogen cycle, it would hard to keep fish alive in aquariums. In the nitrogen cycle, bacteria eat toxic ammonia from fish waste and break it down to less toxic nitrogen-containing chemicals. Establishing colonies of this bacteria is called "cycling" an aquarium. There are ways to speed the process.


The whole aquarium cycling can be a lot faster. Three Tips to Speed up Fish Tank Cycling. 1. A good filter 2. Heavy bacteria seeding 3. Higher water temperature 4. Higher oxygen level 5. Keep nitrate low. A Good Aquarium Filter. Since most of the aquarium nitrogen cycle bacteria reside on the filter media, it is essential to have a good ...


The fish are wonderful creatures that will do most of the process for us. Most of the chemical processes will take place inside the fist themselves when they eat the fish food containing nitrogen. There are five stages to cycling an aquarium: You introduce nitrogen to the aquarium through the fish food.


Fish-in and Fishless Cycling. There are two basic ways to cycle an aquarium: fishless cycling, and cycling with fish. Fish-in cycling. Cycling with fish is the less popular method of the two, as it’s often considered inhumane. Usually, a small number of hardy fish are placed in a new, uncycled tank.


The old method of cycling a planted tank was to add a light fish load of hardy fish, which then produce organic waste and ammonia; the tank was then left to build up the bacteria naturally over time. This can take many weeks, as more and more livestock was added slowly.