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Steps for How to Clean a Washing Machine. Affresh® is specially formulated to help remove odor-causing residues in your washing machine.Affresh® washing machine cleaner uses time-released tablets that are designed to clean inside all machines, including HE (High Efficiency). The tablet dissolves slowly throughout the wash cycle to continually send powerful cleansers to help remove buildup.


STEP 3: Improve the Washer’s Efficiency. On the back of most washers, inlet screens work to filter out particles suspended in the hot and cold water entering the machine.


A washing machine can certainly clean your clothes well, but if you don’t regularly clean a washing machine, you could be facing some serious mildew issues. Pro tip: Need to repair that washer?


While the cleaning solution is sitting in the washer for the hour, take your anti-bacterial microfiber cloth and, dipping it in the cleaning solution in the washing machine, use it to wipe the exterior and top of the machine.


The exterior of your washing machine is much less sensitive than the interior. Therefore, Navas notes that you can simply use hot water, a brush, and dishwasher soap to "scrub anything on the exterior." Just be careful when you're cleaning the back of your washing machine since that's where all the cables are.


I notice that when my washer is due for a cleaning, the wet clothes smell a bit funky. I use this natural laundry detergent to clean our clothes, so there is minimal chemical build up. Luckily I have a trick to get rid of the musty laundry smell, but it’s still unpleasant.. I started cleaning my washing machine using essential oils, and my clothes finally smell clean again!


Learning how to clean a washing machine is essential for fresh, sweet-smelling clothes. It can seem a little counterintuitive to have to clean cleaning equipment, but if you’ve ever ended up with clothes that smell after you wash them, one of the main culprits is often a less-than-pristine machine.. Washing machines work hard, what with all those loads of stained and dirty laundry.


Learn how to clean front load washer naturally. Regular, simple cleaning improves performance and extends the life of your front loading washing machine! My Old Top-Loading Washer. Let me tell you a story about my old washing machine. It was an old, white, top-loading hand-me-down washing machine. I did a lot of laundry in that old machine.


To keep your top load washing machine working at its full potential, be sure to clean its filter by removing it from the washer and using a soft brush to clean off the build-up from the filter. If you can, remove the screen and let it soak in boiling water for 15 minutes before placing it back into the washer.


Set your washing machine on the largest load settings and on the highest temperature setting (on new washers set on self-cleaning cycle) and put 4 cups of white vinegar and start the cycle. After 2 minutes stop the cycle and add ½ cup of baking soda.