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Lock washers work by applying a spring force against the nut or bolt head. Different lock washers perform this function in slightly different ways, but the basic concept is to hold the nut and bolt in place. Some lock washers achieve this function by biting into the bolt and the nut with their ends


The LG WT1701CV is the best washing machine according to ConsumerSearch.com as of March 2017 The LG DLEY1701V ranks as the best dryer. Both earned great reviews from both experts and users.


Sealing washers have a synthetic rubber seal bonded to the steel section that provides a tighter fit and prevents the washer from being over-tightened. The rubber acts like a cushion, preventing leakage from oils, water, gases and other materials. In a residential setting, sealing washers are often


Washer capacity refers to the size of the washer basket or drum, and it is typically measured in cubic feet. A higher capacity means that more clothing or household items can be loaded in a single wash cycle.


As of 2015, combination washer and dryer units range from around 22 to 29.75 inches deep, 33 to 38.69 inches tall and 23.38 to 27 inches wide. The overall capacity ranges from 1.8 to 4.3 cubic feet.


Compared to older machines, washers in 2015 are more efficient, using less water and less energy, and have more features. Many machines no longer use an agitator, and capacities are larger.


An electric pressure washer is a high-pressure powered sprayer that cleans different surfaces using water pressure. The sprayer removes loose paint, mildew, stains, dirt and dust from hard surfaces, such as houses and vehicles.


A washer platform is simply a pedestal for a washer to rest on. Raising the level of a front-loading washer makes using the machine more ergonomic.


According to Consumer Reports, tips for finding deals for washers and dryers include looking for deals online, choosing less expensive models, and negotiating for the best price. It is also helpful to factor long-term energy savings into the cost of the washer and dryer; a slightly more expensive se


Purchase commercial pressure washers from retailers, online auction sites and through classified advertisements. The biggest differences between household and commercial pressure washers are the sort of attachments included and the maximum pounds per square inch, or psi, of water pressure delivered